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Cloud Security: Weathering the Storm

The bright dawn of cloud computing introduced organizations to a vast horizon of possibilities to scale IT resources upon demand, to develop and distribute massive amounts of information with relative speed and ease, to crunch complex data pools for better business visibility, and to accelerate the development and introduction of new goods and services to the marketplace. Despite these sunny outcomes, one large, dark cloud hovers over all: How do you secure all of this data, these IT assets, your organization’s intellectual property, and your guests’ and end-users’ personally identifiable information as it flies through the internet’s wide-open skies? Sure, modern cloud providers heavily fortified their defenses with the world’s hardest crypto. They hired brilliant infosec professionals to guard the outer gates, the inner walls, and everything else that needs a sentry. They are compliant with every regulatory acronym on Earth. They are better than you. But, the truth is, your cloud security is only as good as your weakest link. Not theirs. So, how do you weather this storm? You start by building the basics. Structured’s interactive presentation for ArcticCon’s “Build-It” track will review hard lessons learned and today’s cloud security landscape. It will teach eight bedrock, cloud security principles appropriate for every organization. It will address current, vendor-agnostic cloud security technologies and will show attendees how to approach and implement a cloud-first, agile security model that can scale. We will challenge and “edu-tain” attendees throughout this presentation via the integration of the Kahoot! group-gaming platform. Everyone will come away with insight and much better shelter against the cloud security storm.

About speakers

Collin Miller, Structured Communication Systems Inc.

Collin Miller is Structured’s Director of Cloud Security, managing strategies for securing cloud-based infrastructure and applications. Collin has more than 15 years’ experience in Information Security, including consulting with some of the country’s largest companies, to improve security posture and implement technical controls. Collin is also an avid backpacker, having completed a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2015.

Collin Miller

Join us at Anchorage Marriott Downtown in Anchorage, AK on October 4th, 2018