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BEC - Not Your Grandmother's 419

Business Email Compromise has evolved to be the #1 financial cyber threat we’re currently facing, yet this is largely unrecognized. Per the FBI, reported domestic losses attributed to BEC activity is currently averaging USD$10 Million - per day. This talk will describe the evolution of unsophisticated, indiscriminate phishing attacks, through to today’s use of commodity malware, reconnaissance, targeting, persistence and supply-chain attacks.

About speakers

Simon Conant, Palo Alto Networks

Simon is a Principal Researcher in Palo Alto Network’s Unit 42 research group. He draws upon a quarter-century of international experience in the fields of malware & infrastructure \ analysis, networking, and information security, including several years in the Microsoft Security Response Center. He was involved in founding Microsoft's CSS Security & Internet Crime \ Investigation teams, and the International Botnet Task Force. A native of New Zealand, Simon is based out of Seattle, USA. He keynoted the inaugural ArcticCon in 2017, and is honored to return to speak again this year.

Simon Conant

Join us at Anchorage Marriott Downtown in Anchorage, AK on October 4th, 2018