Arcticon Villages

Wireless Village

With wireless present in every aspect of our life and containing personal information that would be harmful if obtained, it is important to know how to protect against threats to this service. In Wireless Village, a part of the Break It! track, attendees will learn several ways in which their wireless connection, whether at home or work, is in jeopardy of being breached; and the specific ways to protect themselves against these attacks.

Attendees will participate in activities including, breaking into WEP, Bluetooth, capturing passwords using WPS and gaining access to sensitive areas by cloning RFID cards. Along with the activities, attendees will learn security measures to ensure they are not at risk of attack. Finally, Wireless Village would not be complete without Wireless Capture the Flag.

Volunteer Sponsor

Join us at Anchorage Marriott Downtown in Anchorage, AK on October 4th, 2018